Top 5 Publications

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Manto M, Godaux E, Jacquy J, Hildebrand J. Cerebellar hypermetria associated with a selective decrease in the rate of rise of antagonist activity. Ann Neurol. 1996 ;39(2):271-4.
Manto M, Jacquy J, Hildebrand J, Godaux E. Recovery of hypermetria after a cerebellar stroke occurs as a multistage process. Ann Neurol. 1995;38(3):437-45.
Manto M, Godaux E, Jacquy J. Detection of silent cerebellar lesions by increasing the inertial load of the moving hand. Ann Neurol. 1995;37(3):344-50.
Manto M, Godaux E, Jacquy J. Cerebellar hypermetria is larger when the inertial load is artificially increased. Ann Neurol. 1994;35(1):45-52.